Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dark Days Meal #6

Somehow I am sitting here at 3:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday, Christmas Eve Eve, eating my soup and enjoying some Christmas music. I can't even hear the kids ramming their race cars into each other and the furniture as they run through the house and scream. The soup was made for dinner tonight, but once it was finished cooking and the smell was filling up the house I had to have some. I skipped lunch in anticipation of this happening and I'm sure glad I did. Tonight we will have fresh bread on the side, but right now a bowl by itself is very good...even if it is still 80 outside with the sun shining bright. Usually for my local meals I don't use spices besides salt and pepper and I use fresh herbs, today I did use spices and I also used jarred thyme. My mom has thyme in her garden, but I haven't been over to grab any the past few days. I started out by cooking Christmas Lima Beans and Yellow Beans from Sun Coast Farms (275 miles away, but the closest source I know of and sold at my local FM). Once those were done I threw some onion and garlic from Schaner Farms in a pot with my Petrou Garlic Olive Oil (local), added red pepper, cumin and thyme. Then I threw in delicata squash from Sage Mt. Farms and some leftover squash (I forget which kind) from my CSA box and topped it all with chicken broth ( not local, Pacific Foods Organic Free Range). Once the squash was done I added it to the beans, threw in some more Cumin and Cayenne and added the bok choy from Sage Mt. Farms. I let this all work together just long enough for the greens to get tender and then poured a bowl...Delicious!! There's a huge pot, so I'm looking forward to having meals ready to go for the next few days....especially if someone stops by and is hungry,Hmmm should I leave some for Santa??

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  1. That soups looks amazing - just the thing I crave in our wet dreary winters!