Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dark Days Meal #4

Okay, now I'm embarrassed....I've been so sad I wasn't being included in the recaps, so I started a blog and still got left out last week, so I spoke up and now this week I didn't even make a great local meal!! Hopefully I'll get forgot! LOL...
First my excuse, my younger cousin had her baby this week (after 36 hrs of labor) and once her little angel came to the world, her mom got really sick. I had to step in at the hospital and I missed my CSA box and lost some days. Then once back home I just couldn't seem to put a whole meal together of local ingredients. I wasn't too creative with the veggies I had ( too tired) and I haven't yet connected with a local source of beef or pork or stocked up on fish or chicken which I 'd rather by fresh on Saturday/ Sunday at the market . Hopefully after Christmas I can join a beef CSA! So I had unlocal meat and local other parts of the meal when I did cook this week. I didn't get to the market until today and I picked up beans for a Delicious sounding soup that Annette gave me the recipe to, but didn't have time to soak there's my excuse!

On to my "meal"! This week my kids were wanting lots of meat, which is unusual, but I was on a salad kick. Salads are really all I used to make with my veggies, but lately I haven't made them at all. Missing my CSA box and not getting to the market all week, I only had my staples and a few odd guys that are waiting for further use. With my staples, I reverted back to my usual and for two days I ate salad. The salad is so packed full of goodies that I simply ate that, although my kids had other things for lunch/dinner. Packed in there were: apples, zucchini, yellow squash, Kohlrabi, bell peppers, jalapenos, carrots, green onions, avocado, lettuce, watermelon radishes, raisins, almonds, and cheese (not local, Tillamook) topped with lime and lemon juice and a squirt of Braggs Amino Acids (the other non local ingredient). These salads hit the spot for me and I was happy to have a reunion this week, though I didn't think they'd be making up my local meal for the week! Next week, a Delicata & Bean soup is on the menu just in time for the rainy weather here in San Diego.

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