Friday, December 4, 2009

Dark Days Meal #1 (posted Nov. 22)
Agggghhhh! So as long as I get this wrote up before midnight, i'm good right?? It's been a busy weekend...I found out about this challenge on thursday I believe and since then I've had a kid with a severe asthma attack, I have been fighting off sickness, I've been busy in the kitchen, planning and throwing a baby shower and did I mention my diva 3 year old? So for our first Dark Days meal we had Kabocha Squash Soup for lunch yesterday! Last weekend at the Hillcrest Farmers Market I sampled some soup from Heather at the "ROOTS" stand. It was so delicious and she said the recipe was in her new holiday cookbook, so I picked one up. "Kind Food Kitchen" is a great little book that I hope to use plenty during this holiday season! For attempt number one, I made the squash soup... Kabocha Squash from Rutiz Farms  Onions from Sage Mt. Farms Thyme, Sage, and Parsley from my mamas garden Evoo from Petrou Avocado Oil from Bella Vado Veggie Stock from Organic Imagine =(...I had everything to make a stock and I should have, but I was feeling too sick and very pressed for time. Won't happen again =) To go with the soup I simply toasted bread from Peggy's Pasta topped with a little evoo (Petrou) and sun dried heirloom tomatoes from Schaner Farms. The soup was not as delicious as Heather's, but then again my first attempt at making soup and it was still pretty good! I can't wait to have a little more time on my hands this week to prepare for the next meal!! 

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