Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dark Days Meal #5

This week I had a delicious local meal! I had told my sister about my spaghetti squash pasta from a few weeks ago and she wanted to try it, so I had bought a few more the next time I went to the market. She had a lot of time off of work this week, so I picked up tomatoes at the market last weekend and planned on making some for her one night. My Dark Days meal was going to be a bean soup I was prepared to make, but we hit temperatures in the 90's this week and soup just didn't sound as delicious as it did the week before! Besides that my tomatoes were going to go bad, so I invited my sister over and prepared for dinner. I made spaghetti squash "pasta" with homemade tomato sauce (red, which was not even close to being as good as the orange I made last time), homemade toast with chopped garlic and evoo drizzled atop it and a parsnip, thyme puree. My sister (who is only 18) ended up going to her friends house instead, but me and the kids had a yummy dinner and I still have more spaghetti squash to plan the dinner for her another night!

Spaghetti Squash - Sage Mt. Farm
-roasted with local olive oil from Petrou Foods

Garlic Toast
-Homemade bread- not local ingredients, but whole wheat and organic flour from Bob's Red Mill
-Garlic- from Schaner Farms
-more olive oil from Petrou

Parsnip Puree
-parsnips from Weiser Farms (230 miles away, but part of my CSA bag)
-lemon thyme from my moms garden
-garlic from Schaner Farms
-cream from Organic Valley

Just to mention the last time I made the squash, I had eggplant on the side and that worked much better than the parsnip puree as a side dish. Don't get me wrong the parsnips were delicious, but the texture didn't sit to well with the squash. Hopefully the weather will cool down for Christmas and I'll feel like soup again! Happy Holidays to all of you, hope you and your family are blessed during these special times and that you are sharing some good local meals!

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