Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dark Days Meal #3

Dark Days Meal #3

This week I wanted to try to get some meat for my Dark Days meal, and I picked up some Halibut last Sunday at the market, but ended up not using it for my meal. I cooked the Halibut on Monday and figured it was kind of early for my Dark Days Meal and then once I started putting it together, realized it wouldn't work too well anyways. I made tacos and my tortillas are from the FM, but I'm sure aren't made with local ingredients and I used vegetable oil (the others are too expensive and I haven't tried saving them yet?) to fry them into shells. Then I just couldn't bring myself to not have beans on the side, and I hadn't picked up any local ones yet. It was a very good meal though!! That was my first time trying halibut, the guy from Poppa's wouldn't let me say no and for $5 I had to try it out. It definitely needs a sauce or marinade next time, but for this time all the veggies and lime on the taco worked.

So now that I've told you all about that meal, let me tell you what I made for the challenge! I made one of my go to dinners on Friday night. I call it "Empty the Fridge" stirfry, where I simply chop up everything I have in the fridge and stir fry it. I started with avocado oil, chopped ginger (not local), garlic and green onion. Then I added bell peppers, yellow beans, broccoli, golden beets, Kohlrabi, Purple carrots, Crimini mushrooms, Tats Choi, and green onions. I topped it off with a little lime and Sesame Glazed Walnuts. Once it was done I simply poured it on a bed of Lundberg brown rice and ate dinner. It was so good I also made some for lunch today with the leftover rice, but added snap peas I picked up yesterday at the market.

Golden beets, Kohlrabi from La Milpa

Purple Carrots from Jaime Farms

Scallions, Garlic from Schaner Farms

Other veggies from the FM

Lime from Farmer Steve

Ginger from the store

Sesame Glazed Walnuts from Salle Orchards (N. Cali)

BellaVado Avocado Oil

Lundberg Brown Rice (N. Cali)

I always try to be mindful of what I'm cooking and I definitely think about what I buy, but I love how this challenge keeps me on my toes. I am constantly thinking about what's going in to my meals and I hope that as this challenge goes on I won't even have to think as much, it'll just naturally be more SOLE cooking!

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