Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dark Days Meal #12

Did I use meat for my Dark Days Main Course? No, it's a black bean burger courtesy of a recipe from SustainableEats. I had been waiting to try this for quite some time and when I finally did I realized it was pretty easy. My only problem was that when I was done mixing my ingredients in the food processor they were not quite solid enough to form a burger. I don't know if I did something wrong or didn't have enough of something, but it worked anyway. I simply poured the mixture in the skillet like a pancake mix and made patties that way. The beans, cilantro, onions and eggs in the burger were local from the market. The bread crumbs I used were from home made bread, but not local ingredients and the spices were not local. Because I ended up with a dry socket from my wisdom teeth extraction, I have had a really hard time eating bread so I attempted to eat the burger on some beautiful red lettuce I got from Sage Mt. Farm and it was delicious that way, but I couldn't stand all the juices running down and my arms and it was hard to bite a burger like that so I ended up eating this with a fork!! Next time I will definitely eat this on a bun!!
The burger toppings were sliced red onions, onion sprouts, green onions (we love onions and garlic in this house), avocado, and yellow tomato from the market and sliced house made pickles from The Linkery, a great farm to table restaurant that sells some good cured meats and other treats to take home. I had got some bacon from there as well that I was going to put on top, but we ate all the bacon before the burgers got made. My kids had these burgers with a side of Alexia fries, and some fruit...I just had the burger!

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