Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dark Days Meal #8

This week I needed some comfort food and my dark days meal came in handy for that. Not only did it work for a comfort meal, but my mac n cheese also was good enough that my kids enjoyed it and now they won't ask for the boxed version any more. Well they might ask for it, but I can come back with "I'll make some". The mac n cheese was not as local as I'd like, I'm still searching for the best milk and cheese for me and have yet to find any very close. The milk is Organic Pastures 350 miles away and the cheese was Tillamook. The noodles were organic, but not local and the salt, pepper, and paprika were not local. On the side we simply had steamed broccoli and raw carrots. Usually we steam both, but the kids have been asking for the carrots to be crunchy. It was a yummy, kid friendly dinner that was easy to make. I had a hard week and wasn't up for spending too much time in the kitchen. On to the next week...

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